To help businesses around the world to achieve and maintain ISO certification during the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic,
we are offering a discount of at least 10% on all new ISO only certification orders.

Third Party Certification

What makes ISO accelerator the best choice for third-party ISO accreditation?

Obtaining ISO 9001 certification can be a daunting task for organisations of any size. There are numerous certification bodies to choose from, each with their own unique selling points, and finding the perfect fit for your company takes time and tenacity.

That said, we at ISO Accelerator believe that we are the ideal third party accreditation solution for just about any enterprise. The service that we provide is:
  • Fast – Our typical time frame for ISO certification is just 7 days.

  • Cost-Effective – ISO Accelerator is a online third-party certification service that allows businesses to obtain accreditation at a minimal cost.

  • Efficient – Our service requires very little effort or input on your part, and the entire certification process is carried out online (i.e. without any site visits).
ISO Accelerator is accredited by USAS, giving you the peace of mind that many other third-party certification services cannot offer.

Third Party Certification

What is third-party certification? Take a look at the following diagram for a simple explanation:
third party certification