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ISO Accelerator Reviews

Since responding to the climate emergency in 2018, ISO-Accelerator been acutely listening to our customers and fulfilling their needs through our 1st class remote ISO certification process.

If you would like confidence in the quality of the products and services that we provide, please see below just a few samples of the fantastic customer reviews testimonials that we receive. But more than just products and services, you will see that our team (especially Lizzy) get a special mention for their outstanding customer support.

We have amazing clients who are joining us on their journey to achieve their environmental objectives by using a digital ISO certification provider.

Our clients are happy to share their company names and addresses but sadly due to unethical competitor behaviour we have had to remove these details. Please contact us directly if you would to hear about the industries and types of clients that we have helped.
ISO Accelerator is a perfect choice to get your certification! My experience has been excellent quick to help and respond with any queries even before I signed up.

27 September 2023
ISO Accelerator’s service is fast, convenient, and efficient. An excellent process to gauge and determine the level of completeness and compliance to ISO 9001 of our company’s internally structured Quality Management System.

10 August 2023
From initial contact to completed certification the ISO process has been made straightforward and user friendly by ISO Accelerator. I was pleased that we we’re able to take things at our own pace. Thank you to the team there for your guidance and support throughout. We look forward to dealing with you in future.

25 July 2023
ISO Accelerator provides top-notch ISO certification services with a knowledgeable, professional, and efficient team. Their online platform is user-friendly, and their customer service is excellent. I highly recommend them to anyone seeking ISO certification

ISO9001, ISO14001, ISO27001, ISO22301
08 March 2023
I am writing to express my satisfaction for the exceptional service that we received from ISO accelerator recently. We are pleased with the promptness and efficiency with which our request was handled. The level of professionalism demonstrated throughout the process was remarkable. Moreover, their friendly and courteous approach made the entire process comfortable and stress-free. I would not hesitate to recommend ISO accelerator to anyone in need of their services, and I look forward to working with them again in the future.

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ISO9001, ISO14001
14 February 2023
The service we have received from ISO Accelerator was extremely helpful and efficient. Their expertise has helped us save dozens of man hours, and achieve ISO compliance in record time, without any of the stress that this sort of process can usually generate. We could not have done it without them. A big thank you from all our team!

IT Services
ISO9001, ISO27001
20 January 2023
Gaining 9001 with Lizzy was very quick and efficient; we already had all the processes in place, changing to ISO Accelerator has saved us a lot of valuable time and money. I would highly recommend Lizzy and team to other companies

Network Infrastructure
14 July 2022
We used ISO – Accelerator to gain our ISO9001 and 14001 certification, having a management system that is compliant with other ISOs it was a very straight forward process, From start to finish this took just a week, and communication with Lizzy and her team was excellent, I very user friendly application process to follow and use. Glad we can add these to our accreditations and certifications to provide customer confidence.

ISO9001 & ISO14001
01 June 2022
ISO accelerator and Lizzy were amazing! Very quick and helpful, couldn’t have done it without them

13 May 2022
Being a novice to the process of becoming a certified member of the ISO9001 club, after some research online I came across ISO Accelerator. At first I was hesitant about the comparison between them and other ISO operators. After speaking to Lizzy, it was then explained to me the difference in operations but providing the same outcome with little costs and a quicker turnaround. Fair to say I'm pleased. Thanks again.

30 March 2022
ISO Accelerator provided easy and quick access to the ISO certification process, which was straightforward and simple to follow. The audit process was quickly completed with no delay in awarding our certification. Great service and support

Security Training
15 March 2022
Many thanks to ISO accelerator for their fast and efficient service from the start to completion.  It is great to work with a company that understands the accreditation process and is able to help at such speed.

31 January 2022
IsoAccelerator were very efficient in responding to my questions and they provided clear instructions that were easy to follow.  As a result we are now able to proudly display our ISO9001:2015 certificate. We look forward to increasing the opportunities to grow our business knowing that we have established a sound basis for the companies activities that has been independently assessed.  I have no hesitation in recommending IsoAccelarator.

Fire Safety Consultants
15 December 2021
Keen to obtain our ISO accreditations relevant to our services we approached ISO Accelerator. The speed and professionalism from the very beginning right through to our final certification was second to none. This was our first time seeking certification and the process was clear, simple and they provided advice and support throughout the entire process. I have no hesitation in recommending them.”

ISO9001 & ISO27001
09 December 2021
The end-to-end process provided by ISO Accelerator was fantastic in enabling our company to go through the ISO 9001 certification process efficiently whilst adding great value to our company processes. The team was always on hand to help me understand everything and guide me through the process. The documentation provided was detailed and the instructions were easy to follow. It was a great experience working with ISO Accelerator who made the whole certification process a breeze. Thank you!

22 November 2021
I would like to thank ISO Accelerator and Lizzy, for the very cost-effective and professional service in assisting us to achieve our goal with obtaining ISO 9000:2015 certification. The whole certification process of obtaining certification for us was made very easy and straightforward. We would definitely recommend ISO Accelerator to any company looking to achieve ISO accreditation in the future. Best Regards.”    

Diving Equipment
27 October 2021
Thank you for the certification, your ISO Accelerator was easy and quick access & promptly provided us with the ISO certification we required. The completion of the documents and auditing were straightforward and simple, and you were was extremely helpful through all aspects of the process.

Tree Surgeon
ISO9001 & ISO14001
12 October 2021
We are highly appreciating the great job you have done for our company to issue our ISO 9001 certification, it was very efficient experience for us.

Business Consulting
18th May 2021
Very impressed Lizzy, absolutely first class service from you guys @ ISO Accelerator, a breath of fresh air working with a company that wants to offer a quality service from start to finish.

18th May 2021
ISO Accelerator provided easy and quick access to the ISO certification. The completion of the documents and auditing were straightforward and simple. Lizzy was extremely helpful and answered all my questions promptly.

ISO9001 & ISO14001
7th May 2021
Many thanks for the extremely efficient and quality service you have provided to our company. You certainly exceeded our expectations in providing us with the QMS and ultimately issuing our certificate!
The QMS and implementation documentation you provided was extremely easy to follow and set up. You also backed this up with professional and friendly over the phone support.
We will undoubtedly recommend your service to others as you have provided us with a fabulous service and made achieving ISO9001 worry free during a busy start up period for our company.
We will be back in touch when we’re ready for ISO27001!

29th April 2021
We found you all extremely helpful on what looked like a really daunting task. You made it a lot clearer by taking the time to visit and run through everything with us! Thank you very much for what was relatively painless in the end!

Workwear and PPE
ISO9001 & ISO14001
23rd April 2021
As a small business we were looking to get certified to ensure we were able to be competitive in the market. After spending time getting our QMS in place I contacted ISO Accelerator and Lizzy gave me all the help I needed and very quickly too.
Within 24hours of the audit we received our certificate, because our systems were already in place the whole process took about 3days!
Superb customer service and so pleased we found Lizzy and ISO accelerator.

Grinding Services
13th April 2021
ISO Accelerator were very helpful, quick to respond and the pricing is reasonable. Highly recommended for small companies like ours.

RTV Silicone Coatings
ISO9001 & ISO14001 & ISO27001
31st March 2021
We’ve always been completely committed to delivering the highest quality service for our clients, and to continuous improvement. We have finely tuned processes to ensure that we do that. But we’d always been deterred from applying for ISO9001, fearing that the amount of paperwork would be daunting for a business our size. ISO Accelerator did a wonderful job of demystifying the process for us, and making everything very straightforward. We’re proud to now hold the certification.

Project & Bid Management Consultancy
26th March 2021
We contacted ISO Accelerator for a quote and straight away Lizzy was very helpful and clear about what was required from us and how they would help us through the process. Once we had decided to use ISO Accelerator for our 9001 and 14001 Accreditation, the information pack was emailed within a few days. Although it looked very daunting once we had opened it up, after a chat with Lizzy and a follow up email, just explaining what we had spoken about, made it clearer and easier to complete the tasks.

Document destruction
ISO9001 & ISO14001
11th March 2021
The process was easy and fast. Lizzy supported us patiently through each step. I would definitely recommend ISO Accelerator to anyone willing to gain a ISO9001 certification.

Data and Statistics analysis
24th February 2021
Choosing ISO Accelerator was a great choice to help us in achieving ISO9001 & ISO 14001.
Lizzy ensured that it was a very straight forward process indeed.
Thank you!

Glazing / Construction
ISO9001 & ISO14001
10th February 2021
As a SME we are frequently competing with large corporations for contracts that call for the innovations we develop. The barrier to entry is often the bureaucratic hoops we find ourselves jumping through, often redirecting our cash flow towards certification and validation at a stage where reinvesting in our innovation should be our focus. ISO Accelerator is a brilliant partner for SMEs that are competition ready, capable of delivering to the standard and quality that public sector organisations call for, and mindful of the costs of competing for new contracts. The process of certification has been swift, informative, and has consolidated our confidence in our capabilities. Thank you ISO Accelerator. You provide an invaluable service.

Software Solutions
ISO9001 & ISO27001
3rd February 2021
ISO Accelerator provided a fast and reliable service which really helped my company achieve the ISO 9001 on time. I had received multiple quotes from many certification bodies but I decided to use ISO Accelerator. It turned out to be the right decision as I got incredible service which my small business needed. They helped, advised and supported me through the journey. I would highly recommend ISO Accelerator.

Healthcare Supplies
29th January 2021
Our company has been a successful MRO Supplier in various fields of activities. For getting our services certified we were looking for a liable and professional organisation that works in accordance with international standards. ISO Accelerator met all our requirements: we got a very responsive and supportive personnel. They arranged the easiest and clearest certification process which helped us to get our company being fully compliant within the shortest timeframe. We have been impressed by the efforts Lizzy and the team put into our company. It is unmatched. So we are pleased to express our complete satisfaction with the level of their professionalism, and highly recommend them to every single company.

MRO Supply
18th January 2021
ISOaccelerator provided a comprehensive backbone of a Quality and Environmental Management system that streamlined our collection of policies, procedures, documents, production records and practices into an integrated system that meets the ISO standards. ISOaccelerator has been very professional, responsive to questions and comprehensive in all responses. We are very pleased with our decision to engage ISOaccelerator

Armored Vehicles
ISO9001 & ISO14001
12th January 2021
As a small family business looking to step our business forward we decided that ISO certification was an important factor we needed to complete. We spoke with ISO Accelerator and explained what our business provided and they quickly outlined what they thought would be best for us. They didn’t try to upsell un-necessary Standards and their thoughts fitted in with ours. We decided to proceed after speaking to someone that had posted a review, to make sure they were reputable, and this individual had nothing but praise for them.
ISO Accelerator send out personalised templates and clear instructions to follow. I could/should have returned these much quicker than I actually did, but took about 2 weeks to complete. ISO Accelerator validated and checked all that I returned and answered some outstanding questions I had. I have to say the process was seamless and easy to follow. The follow up to any questions also seems very proactive and professional. As a result I have no hesitation in recognising ISO Accelerator.

Fire Training
ISO9001 & ISO27001
9th September 2020
ISO accelerator provided a clear and concise framework which helped us to organise our existing documentation as well as filling any gaps to produce a useful and maintainable QMS. The process was quick, painless and very well conceived. I would have no hesitation in recommending ISO accelerator to anyone

Medical Dictation Technology
ISO9001 & ISO27001
9th September 2020
We look forward to moving forward with iso-accelerator in the future with other certifcations when needed. Many thanks for a professional service.

Engineering Services
5th August 2020
Lizzy and the team at Iso Accelerator are incredibly helpful, making a daunting process much easier

Workwear and Uniform
ISO9001 & ISO14001
28th July 2020
I would highly recommend ISO accelerator to achieve ISO9001 accreditation. Their process is far more efficient than we have used previously, with excellent, easy to use templates and simple workflow to follow. By far the best provider I have worked with

Aerial Media and Surveying
22nd July 2020
ISO Accelerator have exceeded our expectations! Switching accreditation body for our ISO 9001 certification was quick and easy, saving our business a lot of time and money. We will most definitely recommend ISO Accelerator to other companies.

Refactory consultants and engineers
21st July 2020
Lizzy and her team at ISO accelerator have been outstanding. It was a great experience to work with a company who were so efficient and professional in there approach. A company I would highly recommend

Design, installation & facility management service
ISO9001 & ISO14001
19th July 2020
We urgently needed to obtain Accreditation for ISO9001-2015 and ISO 14001-2015. We had implement all the documentation and procedures for both systems some time ago, and knew they were of the required standard, but had not obtained the accreditation certificates. We contacted ISO Accelerator and were delighted with the efficient and fast response to our enquiry from Lizzy at ISO Accelerator, who also responded very fast and precisely to any queries that we had regarding and during the process, thus allowing us to obtain the accreditation with ease and speed for both ISO Accreditations.

We thoroughly recommend the service that ISO Accelerate offer and consider it to be a very cost effective and efficient way to obtain accreditation. ISO-Accelerator is an first class company to work with.

Scientific Instruments
ISO9001 & ISO14001
29th June 2020
We have been progressing through the long, arduous task of ISO registration for some time. Immediate compliance was required following two framework agreement awards conditional on registration. ISOaccelerator came to the rescue providing a complete and concise ISO package, fulfilling all our requirements. We would highly recommend their attention to detail and compliance process.

17th June 2020
In the past, as a small family run business we have found the process of gaining our ISO9001 certification both expensive and time consuming. We researched many companies trying to find one who could understand our needs and cut out much of the form filling that only really applied to much larger companies. On doing our research we stumbled across ISO Accelerator and it's the best thing we did. We easily ordered our pack online, followed the instructions and in less than a week had gained our ISO9001 accreditation. The process was incredibly easy with Lizzy on hand to answer any queries we had. We now have everything in place to make next years renewal much easier than it has ever been. Thank you!

Industrial lubrication systems
10th June 2020
I would definitely recommend ISO Accelerator to any business owner. ISO9001 is a key enabler for our business, allowing us to participate to large tenders, and ISO Accelerator helped us to get certificated in a cost-efficient and hassle-free way.

Consultancy Services
9th June 2020
Our experience of using ISO Accelerator has been fantastic and has been exactly as advertised "a speedy, cost-effective way to get ISO 9001 certification online". We have done other slow and ponderous certification in the past but this solution really allows you to focus on what is actually required.

We've just renewed our certification for another year and can see absolutely no reason to switch to any other ISO provider.

Metal/steel fabrication
4th June 2020
ISO Accelerator services are prompt and of high quality. Their auditing system is standard, though remote, they addressed pertinent issues and ensured compliance with every demand of the ISO 9001:2015 standard as it relates to our firm. Thanks, ISO Accelerator.

IT services and telecommunications
4th June 2020
I found working with iso-accelerator straight forward and extremely efficient to complete. The overall layout of the award is very precise and a great underpinning tool, which is supported by a comprehensive guidance guide; clearly a lot of work has gone into structuring the award, in a way that is practical and responsive to the company's requirements. Lizzy was particularly helpful and communicated very well any clarification queries and any guidance required - in a timely manner. Would highly recommend undertaking the certification with iso-accelerator, if you are considering the ISO9001 standard.

Chemical Industry
18th May 2020
ISO Accelerator live up to their name! Quick and efficient. Not only was it fast, but it has been a pleasure to speak with them too. Thank you Guys and Gals.

Direct mail and fulfilment
13th May 2020
We have found our experience of collaboration with ISO Accelerator both interesting, rewarding and deliverable. We are pleased to benefit for ISO 9001 accreditation and look forward to working with the organisation in future.

11th May 2020
It has been an absolute pleasure doing business with you. A very professional service which has been totally pain free and professional from start to finish. We will definitely recommend ISO-Accelerator to other businesses wishing to become accredited.

Cables and Wiring Looms
ISO9001 & ISO14001
7th May 2020
I found Lizzy and her team at ISO accelerator a pleasure to work with whilst attaining ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 for my company. Having worked with other organisations to attain and maintain these same ISO qualifications in the past I was concerned with regard to the amount of time that I would have to devote to the accreditation process. However the experience that Lizzy and her team have and the speed with which they answered any queries that I had negated any time lost due to unforeseen problems. I found the whole process painless and found Lizzy very helpful and would definitely recommend anyone considering ISO accreditation to use ISO accelerator.

Domestic and commercial heating equipment
ISO9001 & ISO14001
24th April 2020
Thanks for getting my company ISO certified. It was a great experience working with ISO Accelerator.

Process control and management
ISO9001 & ISO27001
4th March 2020
The service, professionalism and speed with which you executed our request were absolutely amazing, we would highly recommend your company to anyone needing ISO services and other services that you provide.

We were also helped by you with other issues which was a great bonus and would like to thank you for that, should we require further certificates we will definitely be using your services.

ISO9001 & ISO14001
28th February 2020
I was extremely impressed by the efficiency and effectiveness of this service, I would have no hesitation in recommending.

17th February 2020
A really fast and effective process is a great help for our company, this opened up other markets, demonstrating the quality of our processes, through the ISO 9001 certification.

Design Services
10th January 2020

Clients Views and Experiences Pre-2020

ePlan EnergyRichard Bramall, Commercial Director

ISO Accelerator were fantastic from start to finish – always at hand to help with our queries. The processes and procedures were clear, detailed and sufficiently rugged to suit our requirements, enabling our smooth implementation of the system.
KM PlantValdamark Limited

ISO accelerator has a simplified, complete approach to achieving 9001. It's refreshing to see and is definitely more client-focused in comparison to other certifications bodies. I have used a few in my different roles and found the process to be cumbersome & unnecessarily difficult in parts. Recommended.
MajortekRoger Renshaw, Majortek Components Ltd.

Thank you for returning our fully compliant registration so quickly. It has been a pleasure dealing with your company, and we were very impressed with your speed in replying with our certificate of registration.
FreezteqJoe Purcell, Freezteq

I would highly recommend ISO Accelerator. They were professional, prompt and efficient in all aspects.
David Turner, Management Consultant

ISO Accelerator presents a compelling fast-track proposition for getting companies and organisations where they need to be with their ISO compliance – without the body of time, site audits, or the more usual and complex route.
Before the company I consult committed to this, I must have looked at 20 or 30 alternative options. ISO Accelerator took the time to clarify queries and situations before and during the process.
Working across time-zones, I was grateful to be able to complete the process in days – using only email from the start. This is one company you can trust and I’ll be sure to send other organisations this way in the future.
Dataweigh SystemsTony Custard, Managing Director,
Dataweigh Systems Limited

We have been delighted with the fast and efficient service from Lizzy at ISO Accelerator enabling us to obtain our ISO9001-2015 accreditation with ease. We knew our procedures were of the required standard, but needed accreditation to demonstrate this. All communication has been clear, precise and with friendly, helpful support when needed.

We would thoroughly recommend their services if looking for a cost effective, pain-free accreditation service.
MolcoChris Molloy, Molco Trading Ltd.

I needed ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 14001 certification quickly in order to meet requirements on a large tender. I contacted ISO Accelerator on a Wednesday afternoon, and by Friday, my company was accredited! If you need a friendly, straightforward service that allows you to cut out the high costs of external audits and unnecessary admin, I cannot recommend ISO Accelerator enough.