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What is ISO 9001?

ISO 9001 is the leading, globally-recognised standard for quality management systems.

Used by organisations of all sizes across all industry sectors, the ISO 9001 standard is designed to assist with the implementation of an efficient quality management system, ensuring that organisations consistently conform to the required standards. This is achieved by emphasising a set of key goals, principals and objectives which are important to every business in order to ensure that the needs of customers and stakeholders are being properly addressed.

Commonly Asked Questions About ISO 9001

Does ISO 9001 apply to every part of an organisation?

Yes. In order to qualify for ISO 9001 accreditation, you will need to implement a quality management system (QMS) throughout your entire organisation. This applies to the processes used to create and control the products and services supplied by an organisation.

Could my organisation benefit from achieving ISO 9001 certification?

The ISO 9001 certification can be applied to practically any product or service, as well as to the processes used to create/provide it.

How will implementing ISO 9001 improve my business?

The implementation of an efficient quality management system helps to motivate staff and increase productivity by identifying and defining key roles and responsibilities. This also contributes to reduced costs by highlighting deficiencies in products and services. This identification and recognition process paves the way for the development of effective solutions, which among other things will result in a reduction of waste efforts, along with a drop in complaints. From the perspective of service-users, orders and specifications with be consistently met, which will prompt increased opportunities for your business.