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The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic has come as a wake-up call to organisations all over the world. Business owners aren't just striving to weather the current storm - they're also looking for ways to be better prepared should something like this happen again.

Implementing an Infection Prevention and Control Management System can be a great way for business owners to limit the spread of illness throughout their company. We at ISO Accelerator will be providing an Infection Prevention and Control Management System in the next few weeks - each system will consist of:

  • An Infection Prevention and Control Management policy
  • The management system itself
  • A toolkit to identify operational controls to help prevent and control infections

Once in place, the system can be remotely audited and a certificate of implementation can be issued.

The Infection Prevention and Control Management system can be used in isolation or bolted on to boost an existing business continuity plan or management system.

If you want to take steps to safeguard the health of your staff and keep your business going through hard times, an Infection Prevention and Control Management System will help - indeed, there is a strong possibility that legislation may be introduced to make these systems a legal requirement in the near future.

We at ISO Accelerator developed this system based on our experience of management system development and advice from Infection Prevention and Control Management experts. If you would like to register your interest and be one of the first customers to receive this system, give us a call on 01308 302010 to discuss your company's requirements.

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Two terms we frequently come across here at ISO Accelerator - and which many people seem to get mixed up - are remote ISO audit and remote ISO assessment.

Let's take a quick look at what those two phrases mean. They're not entirely synonymous, so it's useful to know the difference.


Remote ISO audits

Remote ISO audits are what we provide here at ISO Accelerator.

As a conformity assessment body, we conduct third-party audits on our clients' management systems to confirm that they adhere to the relevant ISO standards.

This definition of a 'remote audit' is taken from ISO 9000:2015 (Quality Management Systems - Fundamentals & Vocabulary).


Remote ISO assessments

Strictly speaking, ISO Accelerator does not provide 'assessments'. Our accreditation body USAS conducts conformity assessments on us, during which we must demonstrate that we have met the specified requirements.

This definition is taken from ISO 17000:2004 (Conformity Assessment - Vocabulary and General Principles).


If you'd like us to help you achieve rapid ISO certification, please get in touch with ISO Accelerator today.

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20 per cent discount

The ongoing COVID-19 (coronavirus) pandemic is making life difficult for everyone.

To help businesses through this challenging time, ISO Accelerator is currently offering a 20% discount on ALL new certifications, renewals and transfers.

All of our ISO certification costs have been reduced by at least 20%. You may be able to save even more than that depending on what you need from us.

If you are currently with a different certification body and your ISO certification audit is due, now is an ideal opportunity to save money and transfer to our remote ISO certification audit process.

We hope that this will help more businesses to achieve and maintain ISO certification during this difficult period. We can assist with ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and ISO 27001 certification - contact us now to discuss your requirements!

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