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Cyber security

ISO 27001 - or ISO/IEC 27001 to use its official name - is the international standard for information security management systems. It was jointly published by ISO and the IEC in 2005, and the current edition of the standard was published in October 2022.


ISO 9001

As of September 2023, the current version of the ISO 9001 standard is ISO 9001:2015.

However, that may not be the case for much longer. ISO Technical Committee 176, Sub-Committee 2 recently voted to start a revision of the ISO 9001 standard with immediate effect.

This means that, in all likelihood, ISO 9001:2015 will be replaced by an updated version of ISO 9001 within the next few years.


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Cyber attacks grow more sophisticated and occur in greater number with each passing year. As a result, information security has become a front-of-mind issue for business owners in virtually every sector.