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The quickest and easiest way to obtain ISO 27001 certification!

ISO 27001 self-certification

Cyber attacks grow more sophisticated and occur in greater number with each passing year. As a result, information security has become a front-of-mind issue for business owners in virtually every sector.

Implementing an information security management system (ISMS) is an excellent way to protect your organisation from cyber criminals, and obtaining ISO 27001 certification demonstrates to stakeholders that you take this pressing issue seriously. An ISO 27001 certificate can help you to attract security-conscious customers, potentially leading to lucrative new contracts.

However, the process of acquiring an ISO certificate can be tortuous and time-consuming. Consultation sessions, on-site audits, and a lot of waiting around are par for the course. If only there were a quicker way to get certified...


Online certification is a valid alternative.

With the help of ISO Accelerator, you can gain ISO 27001 certification without any of the usual hassle. Here's how our online certification process works:

  • If you already have an information security management system, you will be asked to supply us with details of your ISMS so that we can align our processes with what you already have in place. We will conduct a remote audit of your ISMS, and your ISO 27001 certification will be issued subject to a compliant audit report.

  • If you don't have an information security management system, don't worry - we can work with you remotely to develop a compliant ISMS. We will then help you to navigate the online certification process and secure ISO 27001 certification.

In either case, you will need to provide a compliant audit report once per year to retain your ISO 27001 certification.

This entire process is streamlined in order to get you certified in the shortest possible timeframe. Online ISO 27001 certification typically takes just 7 days from initial call to certificate award. Contact ISO Accelerator today to get the ball rolling.

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