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Office workplace

The world of work has changed immeasurably since the ISO 9001 standard (formerly known as ISO 9000) was introduced. The very first edition of the global standard was published in 1987, three and a half decades ago - fortunately, updates have been released approximately every seven years since then, the most recent version being ISO 9001:2015.

So ISO 9001 has evolved to keep up with the ever-changing realities of modern business. Nowadays, many companies exist entirely online, with no need for a traditional brick-and-mortar office or shop. If your own business fits this description, you'll be pleased to learn that the current version of the ISO 9001 standard is flexible enough to accommodate you.


Workers in office cubicles

With coronavirus cases falling, office-based work is making a comeback in the UK. In England, the government is no longer telling people to work from home where possible, and Scotland will be following suit next week. Working from home is still recommended in Northern Ireland, and at time of writing, it remains a requirement in Wales - although this will move "from law to guidance" on Friday 28 January.