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Transfer ISO certification body

The cost of ISO 9001 certification can vary quite dramatically depending on your choice of certification body. There are dozens of accredited certification bodies in the United Kingdom alone, and it's important to choose a certification body that offers the right level of accreditation for your requirements.

ISO Accelerator offers accredited independent certification at a very competitive price. We also charge annually, so there is no need to tie yourself into a lengthy 3 to 10 year contract. More info about our accreditation can be found here:

The good news is that, if you're unhappy with your current certification provider, it's relatively easy to transfer your existing certification to a different certification body.


Why change ISO certification bodies?

You may want to transfer your certification if...

  • You're finding ISO certification too costly and need to save money

  • Your current certification body doesn't offer good customer service

  • Your original certification body has gone out of business, no longer exists or has had their accreditation withdrawn

If you've found yourself in any of the above situations, you should strongly consider switching to ISO Accelerator - we offer an outstanding certification service at a reasonable price, and our remote ISO certification process is streamlined to make things quick and easy while also minimising our carbon footprint.


How to transfer your ISO certification

  1. Contact ISO Accelerator and discuss your certification requirements with a member of our team. We'll provide a quote to help you work out how much money you could save by switching to ISO Accelerator.

  2. If you do decide to transfer your certification to ISO Accelerator, we will need you to provide two documents: a copy of your current certificate, and a copy of your most recent audit report.

  3. Next, we will align our remote ISO certification process with your existing management system. If necessary, we will conduct a remote audit to ensure that your management system conforms to the relevant standard.

  4. Once the above steps are complete, we will issue your new ISO certificate. This will need to be renewed annually.


Reviews from business owners who switched to ISO Accelerator

Here's some of the positive feedback we've received from clients who transferred their certifications to ISO Accelerator - visit our Testimonials page for more.

"ISO Accelerator have exceeded our expectations! Transferring our ISO 9001 certification to them was quick and easy, and it's saved our business a lot of time and money. We will most definitely recommend ISO Accelerator to other companies."

"I had received multiple quotes from many certification bodies, but I ultimately decided to use ISO Accelerator. This turned out to be the right decision: their incredible service was just what my business needed. They helped, advised and supported me throughout the journey."

"ISO Accelerator were very helpful, quick to respond and the pricing is reasonable. Highly recommended for small companies like ours."

If you're thinking of changing your certification body, please don't hesitate to get in touch - you might be surprised by how much time and money ISO Accelerator can help you to save.

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