Two terms we frequently come across here at ISO Accelerator - and which many people seem to get mixed up - are remote ISO audit and remote ISO assessment.

Let's take a quick look at what those two phrases mean. They're not entirely synonymous, so it's useful to know the difference.


Remote ISO audits

Remote ISO audits are what we provide here at ISO Accelerator.

As a conformity assessment body, we conduct third-party audits on our clients' management systems to confirm that they adhere to the relevant ISO standards.

This definition of a 'remote audit' is taken from ISO 9000:2015 (Quality Management Systems - Fundamentals & Vocabulary).


Remote ISO assessments

Strictly speaking, ISO Accelerator does not provide 'assessments'. Our accreditation body USAS conducts conformity assessments on us, during which we must demonstrate that we have met the specified requirements.

This definition is taken from ISO 17000:2004 (Conformity Assessment - Vocabulary and General Principles).


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