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JP Academy Girls football team

When ISO Accelerator relocated its premises to Hamble-le-Rice a few years ago, we vowed that we were going to do our bit to support and engage with the local community. We have honoured that pledge in a number of ways - most recently by sponsoring the JP Academy Girls U11 football team!

ISO Accelerator is the team's shirt sponsor, so you can see our logo on the kit worn by each player:

Football shirt with ISO Accelerator sponsor logo

Rather stylish, no?


About JP Academy Girls

JP Academy Girls is an U11 football team coached by Jack Plummer, a former academy player for Portsmouth FC.

The team won their very first tournament last week, achieving some fantastic results along the way (including a one-nil victory against a team two years above them). Here are the girls with their winners' medals:

U11 girls football team with medals


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