To help businesses around the world to achieve and maintain ISO certification during the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic,
we are offering a discount of at least 10% on all new ISO only certification orders.

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If you have conducted a COVID-19 risk assessment and lowered the risk of infection as much as is reasonably practical, you may now be wondering whether you qualify for some kind of infection control certificate.

There is currently no formal ISO standard for Infection Prevention & Control Management Systems - no equivalent of ISO 9001 certification that you can now apply for.

However, we at ISO Accelerator can provide a certificate of best practice to reflect all your hard work. As businesses return to work, you will be asked more frequently what steps you have taken to limit the risk of COVID-19. The value of our independently-awarded certificate of best practice is that it can be used to give confidence to your customers, suppliers and employees and reassure them that you now have an Infection Prevention & Control Policy in place.

To be awarded a certificate of best practice, you will need to demonstrate remotely that you have:

  1. Implemented an Infection Prevention & Control Policy
  2. Conducted a return-to-work risk assessment
  3. Made the risks of infection as low as reasonably practical

As soon as you are able to demonstrate this, we will be able to provide a certificate of best practice that's valid for 1 year. (You will then need to pay a renewal fee to retain your certification.)

If you are missing any of the above steps, these can be supplied by ISO-Accelerator.

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