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COVID-19 has been dominating the headlines for months now, but amid all the chaos and uncertainty, it's important to remember that we remain perched on the brink of a global climate catastrophe. In fact, a state of emergency has already been declared in many countries, states and cities around the world - a list can be found on Wikipedia.

Individuals and businesses alike must do their bit to mitigate climate change and preserve the plant for future generations. If you're looking for ways to make your organisation more sustainable, ISO Accelerator may be able to help you.


Save money, save the planet

Our remote certification service is the ideal solution for businesses who require ISO certification but also want to keep carbon emissions to a minimum.

We will work with you remotely to develop a management system that meets the requirements of the standard you're interested in (e.g. ISO 9001). We will then conduct a remote audit and issue your certificate - with no need for ANY face-to-face consultations or on-site audits.

Getting certified in this way will save you money, but more importantly, remote certification reduces carbon emissions by eliminating the need for travel. By our calculations, we have already saved 185 metric tonnes of CO2e by taking twenty-five auditors off the road!

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