Woman washing hands to limit spread of coronavirus

COVID-19 (short for coronavirus disease 2019) has been dominating the headlines for weeks now. It's an infectious disease whose symptoms include fever, coughing and shortness and breath; governments all over the world are taking action in an effort to slow the virus down, and many businesses are following suit.

We are now seeing companies in all sorts of different industries restricting travel and limiting access to essential personnel. The UK government's current advice for employers and businesses can be viewed here.

If the ongoing coronavirus outbreak has spurred your business to compose a continuity plan for future emergencies, switching to a remote ISO certification body like ISO Accelerator could be a key part of this plan.

All of our audits are conducted remotely, with no need for an auditor to visit your premises in person. Not only is this better for the environment, it's also ideal for situations where you're trying to limit travel and face-to-face contact with other people.

For more information about the benefits of ISO Accelerator's remote certification service, please contact us.

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